Saturday, November 05, 2005

Why does GoDu go boing-boing??

(APA referencing: Oka's post on D company NB in response to Kaka's question...)

Dr. John was a charming chap. He was an orthopaedic surgeon at the Care Nursing
Home in Ahmedabad. He was a pretty good surgeon but as a husband he was
unfaithful to his wife.

He had a raging affair going on with one of the nurses in his hospital.
That particular day the nurse was very attractively dressed. She had all the
charm of a lady - a terrific hairstyle, short miniskirt, a suave handbag and a
yapping dog.

Although John was immediately ensnared by her looks, he didnt look kindly upon
the idea of bringing a dog to the hospital.

"Why did you have to bring this devil to the hospital. You know the amount of
mischief he does. You cant even tie him up. He'll bark his lungs out and
distrub all the patients."

"Honey, dont worry about it. I will hold him and keep him quiet."
"Ok" said John, as he turned towards another nurse approaching him.
"Doctor, there's an emergency case for you to operate on. I think it is a case
of a bone or joint transplant."
"I will be there in a minute." says John.

John and his lover nurse get ready for the operation by getting into their
gear. They had to take the dog to the operation theater as well.
"Now look what you have got us into. What do we do about this dog?"
"I'll ask him to sit and he'll sit quietly in one corner as long as I am
standing near him. Dont worry."

1 hour later, they are right in the middle of the operation. The patient did
require a transplant. John and his group of nurses manage to take out the
offending bone and keep it in a weird looking liquid in a jar.

This was the point when the doctor suddenly gets horny. He excuses himself from
other nurses and pulls his lover along. They go to a neighbouring room and
umm... well.. have a different kind of operation.

The dog, now finding that there's no one to control him, goes berserk. He leaps
onto the table and takes the bone in the jar and starts chewing on it like

The lover was the first to return. She sees what the dog has done and gets one
hell of a shock. Before John could return she grabs the half chewed bone from
the dog and puts it back in the jar. She spanks the jar and makes him sit in
one corner again. She's just set things right when the doctor walks in. She
breathes a sigh of relief.

They complete the operation successfully.
After the patient is recovered completely, John congratulates him.
"So, Mr. Godu, you are completely fine now."
"Yes. Thanks to your professional skill and God's blessings. I am completely
safe. I will take your leave now."

Godu walks out of the entrance, stands for a second, breathes in the air and
goes... boing.

That was his first boing.