Thursday, July 24, 2014

All you need to know about House Hunting

Generally when we start looking out for a house to take on rent, we start with our budget and check out options accordingly. While budget is the most important and discerning factor, there are some more things that you should keep in mind before finalising a place. Here is a checklist of factors to consider when looking for a house, which may make the task more efficient and beneficial for you:

  • Choosing Area/Location of house
    • budgetary constraints, distance from family, your office, your children's school help narrow down area
    • distance from hospitals, shopping complexes etc. help assess location of the house
    • ease of travel: distance from bus stop, railway station, airport, metro station etc. are the additional factors that can be considered
  • Choosing a house - external factors
    • situation of electricity, water and gas connections
    • security levels, roads and parks, peacefulness 
    • availability of services like grocery shop, maids, washerman etc.
    • floor no, availability of lifts, no of bedrooms and house size
  •  Choosing a house - internal factors
    • facing direction, ventilation and sunlight situation
    • availability of washing area, balconies, store rooms etc.
    • society and landlord's rules about changes in house, visitors, lifestyle etc.
    • parking place for self and visitors
    • storage space, quality and sufficiency of furniture and fixtures esp lights and fans
  • What to look for inside the house
    • bathrooms: geyser, sink, mirror, western/indian commode, cabinets/shelves, hot and cold shower/tap, plug points, tiled walls and non slippery floor, hooks on the door, proper drainage system
    • kitchen: ample platform space, storage for food, vessels etc, appropriate space for fridge, space to store mixie/micro/toaster etc, plug points, gas pipeline connection, geyser, exhaust fan/chimney, steel sink, place to install water purifier, proper drainage system
    • bedroom, drawing dining: well painted, good flooring, space for installing ACs, well lit, ample windows, storage space
These factors, which are pretty flexible as per your preferences, can help you understand the suitability of the houses you shortlist. And hopefully finalise the house of your dreams! Good Luck!!