Thursday, July 13, 2006


The first yawn
The cute baby smile
Those sleepless nights
Tunning around with the food

The first bicycle fall
The shiny black shoes for birthday
The first soccer goal
The straight A grade card

The first girlfriend
Followed by the first kiss
and shortly thereafter the first heartbreak
The first fist fight
and a visit to the doc for stitches

The first earning as a newspaperboy
The first scholarship for college
The first serious relationship...
and the memorable days after

The first interview - the most nervous day
but even more nervous -
The "pop the question" and "meet the parents" day

The affirmative answer
from both the dream company and girl
The first car, and house..
The difficult early days,
with not much other than love and togetherness

The first moonlit date
The first honeymoon
The first child, and first time responsibilities
The first tear, the first smile for the lil one!

The first heartache to see
The grown up child leave home
The first tears of happiness
To hear about the upcoming wedding

The first grandchild, the first gift
The first family reunion at christmas
The first heart attack, the first pang of fear
The first admission in the hospital,
The first night of unbearable tension

The sad faces of teh family
The worried look of the wife
The clenching fist of the child...
and the sad smile of the lil grandchild

The last few days and moments
The last sights, sounds, tastes and feelings
The last tear, the last smile...
and thw last breath before I rest for a while..

Goodbye, I had a great time!

Hey Stranger!!

Hey Stranger, have I seen you?
I remember your intense eyes,
The dimple on your cheek, the sweet smiles,
I've seen this blue shirt somewhere before,
I can feel your breathing, your heartbeat and more...

Hey Stranger, have I met you?
I remember your amusing adventure on the beach,
The lunch was chicken (wasn't it?) And the dessert - peach!
The stories of the times when you were a little child,
I remember your youth, when you did all things wild.

Hey Stranger, do I know you?
I still have your secrets, the truths and lies,
I don't need to speak to you; I can do that with our eyes.
I know your favourite fantasy; your deepest darkest desire,
I know what displeases you, and what ignites in you the fire!

I know the touch of your hand, the feel of your hug,
I know your birthday, your favourite movie, the name of your pug;
Without having seen, met, known each other, we connect,
God only knows if we really meet, what would be the effect!

Do we really not know each other? I guess then that means
You must either be my soul mate, or my favourite dream!