Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blood is thicker than water?

One thing I have observed over the years, in media, in real life: blood really is thicker than water. Its amazing how much we care about our parents, siblings, and children, but alas, the same devotion is not to be there for spouses. Not to say there is no love, but when compared, blood ties win over love ties, even if just by a shade.

Look around. There are divorces happening by the second. Funny how we dont hesitate before parting ways with our life partner. But have you heard of divorce form kids or parents? Sure not everyone treats their parents or kids well. But a majority of us manage lifelong relations with our parents, because we owe them, and we accept who they are. Same for our kids.. they are our own flesh and blood, we create them, so we have a speacial attachment which goes even beyond our parents/siblings. Such emotion!

Similarly why cant we accept our partners for what they are? Why is there always this divorce option we can resort to? Why cant we just work on the relationship like we do for our parents/kids? I dont mean one should accept abuse or adultery. But these are hardly reasons for divorce these days. People part on petty everyday issues. Due to "irreconciliable differences". I see people willing to kill and die for their kids. But few can do it for their partners. Dont we understand if it were not for our partners we would not have the kids?

Today, trust comes naturally from blood ties. We blindly trust our parents, but are more suspicious of our spouses. I feel atleast in the indian context, when a child is born to a couple, the love relation of the couple dies and parental relationship emerges, and stays forever. No space for love anymore. Life revolves around kids. I am totally for taking care of parents/siblings/kids the best way you can, but to ignore relation with your spouse as a lover, as a companion in the whole race for taking care of others, is sad.

So much is said, written about love. Our books, movie, music... everything revolves around love. But what happens to love some time after marriage? Seems today no one really needs a life partner. You have friends for company and intellectual stimulation, flings for physical need, and servants to do everything else. Need a kid? just adopt, or go for IVF etc. Seems marriage, and life partners have outlived their use.

Great idea. No lazy husbands or nagging wives. No feeling of being bound. Everyone is independent and free to do whatever they want. But remember: one day, your parenst will be no more, your kids will have a life of their own, and the only person you will have is your partner. And if you have not given importance to that relationship, or you dont have a partner, you will be lonely till the end of your life. And trust me, loneliness is the worst disease of them all.

Someone please tell me

I do not have the time, patience or inclination to read lengthy newspaper articles nor sit glued to news channels, so I may not know inctricate details of the proceedings of the case. But someone please tell me.. Why are we just not hanging Kasab? It has been over a year since the 26/11 carnage, there is every proof available that Kasab is guilty... then why discuss a details of a million charges one by one, even when he has pretty much pleaded guilty to his crimes? Seriously why is this trial taking forever, why are funds being spent on keeping him in custody, whay the hell are the authorities dilly-dallying? IS there any doubt he is a monster who killed so many people? Havent they gotten out enough from him? Whats the point in dragging this forever? Enough words. Time for some action now. Cmon lets hang him and get over with this finally.