Saturday, October 01, 2005

Class Farticipation?

(some excerpts from the most arbit CPs and funny events, courtesy D Co.)


Prof: Arabind DASH, is it??

Dash: No ma’am its Daash but its ok. I’m used to everyone mispronouncing it since school times.

Prof: No it’s ok; we will call you by your proper name.

Dash: Please don’t ma’am; I am more comfortable with Dash now!!

MANAC: arbit CP

Dash: My production does not depend on how much i produce.....


  • Shveta: Solar cookers need less oil etc, so we can target the old people, or heart patients cuz they need minimum oil in food..
Dash: Yes, with the heart patient market in India growing....

  • Momo: We must promote monsoon so more people visit our resort during monsoon
Dash: Yes, we can have a rain dance for them..


Challenge CPs!!!

CCPs for the day: Spiderman, Superman, SubSaharan, villages croppin up, Oka/Karthik!

  • Prof: what should we name our cement brand?
Prostee: We should name it Oka/Karthik cement, after Lord Karthik, the God of
Construction (Erection!!)

  • Student: Instead of Mukhiyas and all we must concentrate on other people like the masons.
Prostee: No, we should definitely concentrate on the Mukhiya, after all he is SUPERMAN for the people!!

Khakee: Madam its not about being a SPIDERMAN or SUPERMAN, its to do with......(blah blah blah)

and above all, our Uncle Shobhit aka Thoku

Uncle: No one is Superman. With villages cropping up in India, we must move away from this Sub- Saharan region, and ...... (etc etc etc)

(Will keep updating this space, so keep checkin!!)

Nostalgia - 2

(this is my favourite and the best poem i write when i was young..)

Present day problems,
Which keeps us busy,
When faced by me,
I really feel dizzy!

Water problems, air problems,
Food problems, place problem,
So much pollution, so much confusion,
Is made by our huge population.

Forests are cleared, trees are cut,
Many people are happy, but-
What about the destroyed nature?
Will it become earth's worse feature?

Nostalgia - 1

(this is the first poem i ever wrote!!)

My horse is very gay,
He eats oats and hay,
He takes us for a ride,
And in the stable he is tied.

He is something like a mule,
But he doesnt run on fuel,
Babies are called foal,
and sometimes they are coloured coal!