Friday, March 20, 2009

Auto Ho To Aisa!!

Recently I boarded an auto in Bandra, and I could not help but notice how different it was from the usual auto rickshaws. Various objects and statements, innovative and funny, were strewn all over the place. I could not resist writing about it here. Have attached a picture to help visualise... Here goes an attempt to describe the most ajeeb-o-garib auto ever!

  • The HUGE rearview mirror on the right side had on it written “King of Bandra” “Mumbai’s Cool rickshaw” and “Hum sab ek hain” along with all religions’ symbols

  • On left corner, it was written “Toilet not available, sorry”

  • Below that was added “ Do not spit”

  • Along with a Ganesha and Sai baba picture, there was a small agarbatti holder, along with pictures of the four 26/11 martyrs

  • On the left side there was a small TV that actually worked!!

  • Above it was a small fan, which also worked

  • The guy seemed to be a cleanliness freak: there were different types of dusters kept in front: feather, cloth etc.

  • There was a calendar on top right side

  • Latest newspaper was kept on the right side of dashboard (or whatever you call it in an auto)

  • On the right side, a clock was also mounted

  • On the right lower side, a locked cabinet was installed, probably to keep important stuff

  • The meter was colorful, with various denomination coins stuck on it…and this was written “Bapu bola get well soon Mamu!” and “Have a nice trip”

  • Behind his seat there was a magazine holder with a film magazine for passengers

  • Above the magazine was a mirror, and the statement “Please take care of your belongings”

  • On the left corner there was a first aid box stuck on the rod, along with the message “25% discount to handicapped”

  • On the right hand corner there was an ashtray stuck on the rod, with the message “smoking allowed”

  • On the left side there was a fire extinguisher attached

  • Behind the passenger seat, the backside was decorated with planets and stars, along with the statement “Salaam Mumbai

  • On the left corner an small Donald duck like figure was stuck on, while on the right side a flower vase with plastic flowers was stuck on

  • In the middle, a small plastic glass full of sweets was kept

When my journey came to an end, I asked him if it was ok to take a picture. He said “Zaroor madam, sab lete hain!” And then he gave me a candy from the box behind!!
It definitely was the most unique and wonderfully decorated auto I had ever seen, and I bet you too would have never seen anything more interesting that this!!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Disgusting! Shameful! Despicable!

These and more such adjectives can probably describe the ghastly attack unfurled on the Sri Lankan cricketers in Lahore for a tour by terrorists. Many well known players were shot at by gunmen, though thankfully no one has succumbed to injuries yet. However, according to yahoo news, 6 policemen and a civilian were killed in the attack.

While countries like India who had canceled their Pakistan tour plans due to security reasons must be heaving a sigh of relief, Sri Lankans seem to have their plate full of difficulties, what with all the mess of LTTE back home. I feel terrible for all those who got injured/killed, and sincerely hope that this incident draws strong reactions from the world communities.

It is no secret that terrorism situation is getting out of hand in Pakistan. And they seem to have accepted their fate of being "taken over, ruled, wiped out" by the Taliban. Its just one dosiier followed by another, with all parties passing the buck, instead of confronting and accepting the situation. But the buck SHOULD stop here.

5000 people died in 9/11 attacks, 500 people were injured or killed in Mumbai attacks. What is the world waiting for... an attack that kills tens of thousands of people, before strict action is taken agaisnt the terrorists and those supporting them? Surely now every country will snap any diplomatic ties with Pakistan... no sports or music or any other cultural relations. But is that enough? Unless those economies who can yeild power over Pakistan hit them where it really hurts, nothing will come out of any anti-terrorism efforts.

I really hope this incident amongst other, serves as a wake up call, for those those who have still not accepted the reality and have buried their head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich. Better nip this terrorism in a bud before it engulfs the whole world and threatens the very existence of humanity.

As for the terrorists, I would say only one thing to them... what the hell are you trying to prove by hurting innocent and unarmed people behind masks? Himmat hai to saamne se waar karo, barabari ke partner ke saath... Phir dekhte hain kisme kitna hai dum!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Post Script to 3 Cheers..

I was just wondering over the last few days that although I am very happy we got oscars, I've suddenly had this feeling... that why are we so excited about some other country's award, MORE than our awards? Just because they are Westersn awards, are Oscars and BAFTAs more important than our National or Filmfare awards?? Why does everyone die to have an Oscar and not a Filmfare award? We are the biggest film industry in the world... shouldn't our awards also get some bhaav? I wonder.. if we start having similar categories like Oscars... best foreign film etc, would other countries enter their movies into it? Is it possible that the Indian awards can one day be as prestigious and watched and discussed and coveted?? I guess as long as we ourselves don't give our country bhaav and stop hankering over everything to do with the west, until we are sincerely proud of our industry, and really strive to notch up the standards, we can get anywhere NEAR the Oscars.. But I really do hope we do one day!! And Brad Pitt is overwhelmed to get a Fimfare award! :)