Friday, September 23, 2005

Another Day Without you... (II)

Another day,
Another day without you,
Towake up to the dull morning sun,
The senseless chirping birds,
The lifeless colourful flowers.

To begin yet another day/ week/ month,
Without your smile to brighten up the morning,
Without your deep intense eyes to lull me to sleep in the afternoon,
Without your soft feather touch to rouse me in the evening,
Without your luscious lips to kiss me good night.

I yearn for you, your touch, your kiss,
I yearn for your presence in my life,
The only thing which makes it worth living.

But alas, I know,
I know you are not here, you cant be.
And I have to, yet again, spend another day, another hour, another minute, another moment, Without you, waiting for you.
Waiting for the moment when we are together again,
And this time, for ever,
With nothing and no one to tear us apart, ever again.

And thus, I go on and on,
Only so I can finally be with you.
But till then I am alone and incomplete,
For yet another day.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


(Now presenting some of the golden words of Kaka, pka AC pka Arvind Chandrashekhar, a proud D Co. member... Read at your Own RISK!!)

Q: What is the opposite of Dominoes?
A: Domi-doesn’t-know!

Fidoe (at 4 in the morning): Is anyone awake?
Kaka: I am sodium. (Main Hoon ‘Na’!!)
Fidoe (to Kaka in response to his previous response): You are Incorrigible!
Kaka: No, im in D0604!

Flexi: Whats in a name?
Kaka: 4 letters.. a, e, m and n.. in different order though…

Fidoe: I have a nemesis: IC (and sometimes QM)
Kaka: I have a nemebro…

Jerky: BOL
Kaka: Kya bolun?
Jerky: Kuch nahin, bas sun.
Kaka: kyun, moon kyun nahin?
Jerky: aaj AMAVASYA hai!!
Kaka: Nahin aaj monday hai!!

(when Moti made some comment)

Prostee: Moti, mug le beta!
Kaka: Moti mug le Niche!!
(CCCF: Beta: fin club, Niche: Mktg club!)

Prostee: Aaj main upar, aaj main Niche..
Kaka: Aaj subsidiary upar, aaj subsidiary Niche!
Prostee: Aaj subsinoteboook upar, aaj subsinotebook Niche!
Kaka: Aaj kuchsinotebook upar, aaj kuchsinotebook Niche!
Prostee: Aaj kuchsicoinbook upar, Aaj kuchsicoinbook Niche!
........................................ (and it goes on n on n on)
Prostee: Stop! it looks like some language spoken in the rainforests!
Kaka: ra-out forest!
Flexi: reddy-ut forest!
Khakee: Blue-dyut forest!
Kaka: Bluedyut fo-works!
Flexi: bluedyut fo-unrest!
Kaka: bludyut fo-worldbank-rest!

(Im thinking of renaming this post as Kaka-isms and Prostee-isms....)

Santosh(the day before announced eco quiz): i predict there will be a quiz tomorrow!
Prostee: you are like lifeless boozevendor...(bejan daruwala!!)

Lusty: Ive lost my roon keys, so if anyone sees it let me know.
Kaka: whats the room no.?
Lusty: its D-2030.. how does it help?
Kaka: just in case i find it lying about, or telling the truth about...!!!

Q: What would you be called if you were seeing Kammo???
A: A-Kammo-dating!!

Oka: Dont remind me of eco.
Pondy: eco eco eep eep
eco eco eep eep
Kaka: You sound like the roadrunner suffering from hiccups!

An apprehensive and tensed Shyam posts on the D Co nb at 1:15 pm-
Shyam: Quiz?
Kaka: No, thanks!

Mishti: Group 2 takes Non-Life Insurance for marketing assignment.
Kaka: why? you think your project will be that bad??

(I dunno the origin of this one, but nevertheless...)
Q: If Preeta Vyas is teaching us marketing pre-mid-term, who is gonna teach us post-mid-term?
A: Post-a Vyas!

(I am in the process of getting more inputs, and will keep posting as and when I get something. So keep checking this space for updates on Kaka-isms...)