Saturday, October 01, 2005

Class Farticipation?

(some excerpts from the most arbit CPs and funny events, courtesy D Co.)


Prof: Arabind DASH, is it??

Dash: No ma’am its Daash but its ok. I’m used to everyone mispronouncing it since school times.

Prof: No it’s ok; we will call you by your proper name.

Dash: Please don’t ma’am; I am more comfortable with Dash now!!

MANAC: arbit CP

Dash: My production does not depend on how much i produce.....


  • Shveta: Solar cookers need less oil etc, so we can target the old people, or heart patients cuz they need minimum oil in food..
Dash: Yes, with the heart patient market in India growing....

  • Momo: We must promote monsoon so more people visit our resort during monsoon
Dash: Yes, we can have a rain dance for them..


Challenge CPs!!!

CCPs for the day: Spiderman, Superman, SubSaharan, villages croppin up, Oka/Karthik!

  • Prof: what should we name our cement brand?
Prostee: We should name it Oka/Karthik cement, after Lord Karthik, the God of
Construction (Erection!!)

  • Student: Instead of Mukhiyas and all we must concentrate on other people like the masons.
Prostee: No, we should definitely concentrate on the Mukhiya, after all he is SUPERMAN for the people!!

Khakee: Madam its not about being a SPIDERMAN or SUPERMAN, its to do with......(blah blah blah)

and above all, our Uncle Shobhit aka Thoku

Uncle: No one is Superman. With villages cropping up in India, we must move away from this Sub- Saharan region, and ...... (etc etc etc)

(Will keep updating this space, so keep checkin!!)

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