Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Show Will Go On...

Bloodshot eyes
Dark and gloomy skies
No day, no night
Only she is in sight

No present, no future
He only knows the past
Disappointed yet optimistic, says he
"Nice guys finish last"

He loved her, but did she?
'She loved me... she loved me not..'
Plucking petals of a flower?
More like pices of his heart!

Those magical nights
And the mornings after
The high, higher than cannabis,
The hearts beating faster...

The sweetest coffee - the one they shared
The dinners where they hardly ate
Sneaking in for a midnight rendezvous...
These meant much more than just a date.

They knew they were different
But still it felt just right
They knew it was almost impossible
But the romantics, they always saw light

But like they say, all good things end
And end they did, but maybe only for one
For the other there was hope, even across borders
but little did he know, that she had none.

One day, then two, a week, then a few
He waited for her by day and by night
For her, he was no more; but he still felt her
In the breeze, the music, the moonlight!

He now sits here, still
wasted, withering away
But he refuses to give up
Till he hears her say

"I Love You"
And then he will be reborn
But until then, the curtains wont fall
The show will go on!


Nikhil said...

Ab is poem ka movie toh nahin bana sakta!

Short story ke rights ka kya hua? When do I get my lawyers for the negotiations?!

* The Cynical Consultant said...

Too many loouve songs in the world these days :))

Sugar&Spice said...

anytime u want nikhil... anythin for u!!!

and akash... shut up!