Thursday, February 12, 2009

6th Sense?

The past couple of nights, I have had dreams that my brother is in trouble, and people are out to get him and beat him or worse, kill him.

The first time I had the dream, I got up, worried like hell for him. For a second my hand reached towards the cellphone to call and ask him if he’s ok, but then retracted. I did not want to trouble him unnecessarily and ruin his mood.

I called him the next day and told him about my dream casually, and asked him to take care. He asked me not to worry, that he was fine. But when similar dreams came back again, I told him to be careful. Not that I dream the future, but I was generally concerned.

That was when he told me… “Aditi, I did not tell u this before, because you would have completely freaked out, but the night you had the first dream, I indeed got into trouble!”

Apparently his friend got drunk and created a mess in a pub, fought with the manager, and got thrown out after getting beaten up. Still not satisfied, he broke the pub window and ran away, and unfortunately my brother got caught and beaten up!

He is fine now, not badly hurt, back to the usual routine, but knowing this really shook me up!! I am still wondering how I ended up sensing danger to my brother, and repeatedly dreamt about it for 3 days!

Anyway if nothing else, I think it at least proves the bond we share. From not being able to tolerate the presence of each other during teenage, to dreaming like this, us brother-sister duo have certainly come a long way!


Jas said...

I have heard of similar instances too. I guess some times we just sense things before it actually happens.

Sugar&Spice said...

@jas... i geuss we do, but i never thought i wd!

AshenGlow said...

What a coincidence! This happened with me as well!
Last year i guess in August or September, i had a very very bad dream about my five year old nephew. Next morning, i was so upset that i was almost in tears and i obviously wanted to speak to him without telling my bhabhi about the dream, lest i scared her. So i generally asked her how unni (my nephew) was. And she said he was down with a bad eye infection and fever.
Telepathy.. cosmic connection.. whatever. But it was too much to be just a coincidence.

P.S: Hope Rachit's OK. He is... right?

Yashika Totlani said...

uncanny. girls ARE supposed to have a stronger sixth sense than men.

although what iv heard abt dreams is quite the opposite. elders say that while death dreams mean something good is gonna happen... dreams involving weddings signify unpleasant happenings. but we should remember that this is all just hearsay... afterall dreams are just dreams right?

Sugar&Spice said...

@lekha... my gawd... seriously.. i didnt think this really happened.. till it happened! n thank god im not the only one!
rachit is fine, cd hv been worse..but thank god.

@yashika..yeah i guess.. everyone has thier own version of wat dreams mean..i think its all nonsense! :P

Anonymous said...

maybe its jus a bad coincidence .. but I had this .. this was long back when we had snail mail .. and I used to know which day I was going to get a letter from him. No regularity, I just knew.

and I lost it after I tole ppl about it.
Or maybe I was not so much friends any more ?

I dunno. Hope your bro keeps safe.


Sugar&Spice said...

@sahu... wow! thats amazing... dunno how these gut feelings come and why they go away... though its good to know good things in advance, i dont like the thought of knowing beforehand that something bad is gonna happen!!