Friday, June 26, 2009

MJ - R.I.P.

Today is one of the saddest days of my life.

I woke up, thinking it was just another usual friday, when the news hit me.
Michael Jackson died yesterday at his LA home. He collapsed, went into coma and finally died.

But I still cannot believe it. It has not sunk in. He just suddenly died. Im shocked.

I loved that guy. He was the first international music star I ever heard. I grew up on his songs. We all did. We sang, danced to his tunes. He had a song for every mood... romance, dance, brotherhood...
There have been many talented musicians who have walked on the face of this earth, but no one had the mass appeal and fan following like that of MJ.

I know apart from all the mourning, there are many people who are happy he is dead or are making fun of his supposed paedophile ways. I dont know if he really did those things, and I dont care.
He was a phenomenon. A legend. He crossed all boundaries of music and geography. He did a lot to give back to the world through his songs and activities. He was a great man and I sincerely feel the world has suffered a great loss.

Not only is it a sad loss, its a tragic loss. MJ had unmatched fame and fan following. And money. But a rare skin disease, failed marriages, financial ruin and paedophilia controversies marred the man, and made his last 5 years a horror.
I feel sad for him, what a sad way to go, but maybe it was a relief for him from the mess his life had become.

All said and done, I wish he had stayed longer, come to India for one last concert, written and sung his last legendary song... But that is not to happen and we will have to make do with the legacy and the music he left behind.
I just hope the whole autopsy thing is done and over with ASAP and more mockery and drama is not made out of him and his life. May his soul Rest In Peace.

Michael Jackson - we love you and will always miss you. You will be remembered forever!


Shweta said...

ummm...It is sad. I was not a great fan though...but as you said he was a phenomenon. cant take that out. Even before the newscasters confirmed his dead lot was said about child molestation or financial woes....please, the man just passed! No tact!!

Sugar&Spice said...

@shweta... yeah.. ppl just dont want him to R.I.P... even if he did those things, now he is dead... i think thats enough payment for his crimes... n he did not die peacefully at 90 yrs of age... he died young, battling with many diseases and problems... i think he suffered enough and paid enough for misdeeds if any. let his soul RIP now ppl!

Yashika Totlani said...

Im not a huge fan of Jackson... but that doesnt deter me from realizing the phenomena that the man was. The music that he gave us will live eternally and go down in history as on of the finest of its time.

The demise was sudden and sad. No more MoonWalk and there shall never be a Comeback Tour. Even the thought is sad. Whats worse is that even less than 24 hours after his death, conspiracy theories have already started springing up. We hope there was no foul play involved.

About your write-up, it was honest and non-pretentious. From a dedicated fan to a fallen star. RIP Jacko.

P.S. My word verification word for this post is 'jackle'. No kidding :D

the lazy knight said...

i was not a fan, but would still agree that he perhaps transformed the way pop was viewed and experienced in America...too bad he leaves behind a mixed legacy..

Sugar&Spice said...

@yashika... thanks, and i hope too that there is no foul play and no drama, and he is laid to rest with dignity.

Sugar&Spice said...

@aftab... a mixed legacy maybe, but a legacy nonetheless.. thanks for visiting and commenting!