Sunday, May 15, 2005


One fine day, a little thought made its way into my mind and created a symbolic story pertaining to the most talked about issue in our country. Let me take upthis opportunity to present to you the musings of my idle mind.

There once lived a very happy family. There was a nice young gentleman calledPaki, who had a lovely wife called Indira. They had four children, two named after Paki called P1 and P2 and two named after Indira called I1 and I2. Theylived in a big, beautiful house, with all luxuries and comforts. They were totally self sufficient in all their needs and at good terms with everyone.They had a large treasure chest in their house, which they were really proud of. In short, they lived very happily, until....

Until one day a stranger from a distant land in the west came to their door knocking. And then they committed a blunder they would never forget..... Theyinvited him to stay with them, for as long as he wished. With passage of time,Mr. Britton, as he called himself, began sweet-talking and winning over everyone in the household. He started telling both husband and wife how each was more superior to the other and ought to live independently. The innocent couple, blinded by the radiance of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow painted by the stranger, began to believe his every word, and began fighting with each other.

Slowly and subtlely Mr. Britton created a rift between them and startedc ompletely controlling their thoughts, deeds and words. Soon he managed to get his hands on the treasure chest too, by breaching the trust of the people who had put their lives in his hands. When Indira and Paki came to know of this,they felt betrayed and chucked Mr. Britton out of the house. But the damage had been done. The treasure was lost, their relationship was totally spoilt and in the end, they had to split.

Everything was divided - the house, the personal belongings, even the children!I1 and I2 went to stay with Indira and P1 and P2 with Paki. Now I1 and P1 , whowere older, more mature, understanding and kind, were broken-hearted, but I2and P2, young and hot blooded, nursed grudges against each other and the"other" family, little realising that there was no family if all of them were separated. While splitting, I2 and P2 created a lot of commotion and bad blood:they became violent and physically hurt the very same people they once so loved! I1 and P1 were greatly saddened by this behaviour and prayed for peace.

At last Paki and Indira settled down in their designated parts of the house.Since they had divided one house into two parts, they faced a lot of problems.They were single-handedly trying to face the harsh realities of life that were so easily taken care of when they were together. They started looking at each other as their enemies and swore to protect their kin from each other. Although they had divided everything, they still had occasional fights about various possessions, subject to mockery by onlookers. Others started to interfere in their personal matters, and filled their mind with filth about each other,increasing their hatred. Soon they started believing that Paki was Muslim andIndira was Hindu and then started the debate on who was better, with neither side agreeing to be any less than the other. I2 and P2, on their part, would throw filth on each other's premises, and get in, in the dark of the night and trouble each other and the others.

This is not just a story, a figment of my imagination. Look closely and you will see its resemblance with the most important problem faced by us today: our relationship with our neighbour. Paki is none other than Pakistan, and Indirais India. Mr.Britton is none other than the British. I1 and P1 are those people in India and Pakistan who do not have any hard feelings against anyone, and I2and P2 are those who do. The treasure chest is what made the pre-divided India to be called the Golden Bird. The Partition was a very difficult time: the land was divided, and people were forced to leave their houses. History is witnessto the horrendous and gory bloodshed, the tears of the doomed, the death of somany dreams and hopes. Women were assaulted and men were killed in the most atrocious and blood-curdling manner. Members of the same family were thirsty for each other's blood!

After the partition, both countries lost out to each other in terms of labour,industries, minerals, land, resources, money etc, and are facing problems till date. They still fight over the Line-of-control and Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir and the state of J&K. Other countries, some pally with Pakistan, some withIndia began to interfere, making matters worse. Religious differences were made the crux of the problem. Both countries speak (inadmittently do) ill of each other. Children in Pakistan are taught in schools that India is their enemy.Indians go to the border to spit on the "Other" side! There is enough of crossborder terrorism to make life hell for those living near the borders who reallydon’t care about these political differences.

Who has gained? Certainly not India and Pakistan, who are still suffering fromthe aftermath. Certainly not the people in those times, who still suffer from nightmares, if they are not dead already. Certainly not us, who lose so much time , effort, money and precious lives of our soldiers in trying to protect our frontiers! But there are those who will gain, after the two countries fight and fight and become the reason for the downfall of each other: they will come to pick up the bones. Do we really want this? Where is the pretty picture everyone painted at the time of the partition? All we seem to have been left with is hatred, sorrow, death, destruction, tears, and terrorism.

Ah! Terrorism! Another oft-misinterpreted term. We have some wrong perceptions,wrong equations, which we must correct. What we must understand today is thatits not
Its I2 + P2 = TERRORISTS and I1 + P1 = INNOCENT

There are good people and bad people on both sides. All Pakistanis do not hate us, nor do All Indians hate them. I don’t hate Pakistanis. I only hate the terrorists, in both countries, the ones causing both countries immense grief.It’s high time we recognise this big difference and get on with doing what is right.

My story does not intend to preach anything. Through this I merely wish to ask every Pakistani and Indian to go for introspection and ask himself/herself just one question: Whose side are you on, I1 + P1 or I2 + P2? Think properly and decide wisely and well, because on your decision, DEPENDS OUR FUTURE!!


ted said...

Pride and ego are the source of the greatest strengths as well as the greatest problems of human kind. India and Pakistan can live together ... but who will be the first to bow down and propose ?

You belong to I1, i belong to I2. I don't hate P1 that much ... i very much doubt the exustence of that category. But before hating I2, please realize that I2 loves I1.

All Pakistanis do not hate us

What does that mean ?
The major contention is that most people, on either side of the border, care more about their daily life than politics.
Sure they do.
But would anybody, even from I1 and P1, be ready to give up Kashmir in return for peace ? No ? If required, all Pakis will fight us ... as all Indians will fight them.

Anonymous said...


good job done... :-) I guess thats some real food for thought... Really enjoyed reading your story/imagination... Keep it up!!! Great Goin... SUGAR&SPICE... ;-) (bw... nice username... ;-) )

Aditi :-)

Sugar&Spice said...

well.. to each his own....