Tuesday, July 19, 2005


"Life is full of coincidences..." or so my dear friend Medha once commented.
And i agree with her. All of us at some point or the other come across such amazing coincidences that it becomes difficult to imagine it is all luck, and not especially designed so by the heavenly powers that be!
I have come a across hundreds of coincidences myself, mainly regarding people having the same likes/dislikes, place of residence, thoughts and ideas, names, etc.
But shall I tell you the most fascinating coincidences of all that I have come across??

In my family, my mother is an astrologer, my father is a doctor, and their daughter is called Aditi.
My parents have Kumars as family friends, where Mr. Yogesh is an astrologer, Dr. (Mrs.) Alka is… you guessed it right... a doctor, and they have only one child, a girl, called
Also they have another family as their long time friends: Dr. Charak. It’s obvious by his name that he is a doctor. He is also a practicing astrologer and teacher of the same in Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. In fact my mom learnt astrology under him only.
And guess what? He has 3 daughters, out of one which is called Aditi!!

3 families, all with a doctor, an astrologer, and a daughter named Aditi! And all 3 know each other! Some coincidence that, isn’t it??


Jithu said...

concidence part, true! doctor, astrologer, aditi part, interesting :-)

Sugar&Spice said...