Tuesday, July 19, 2005

What's going on??

What’s going on???

Yes, that’s the question I ask myself everyday when I think about my current position and future potential in academics at IIMA…
What with seven subjects in pre mid-term, and 6 going over my head, I am pretty confused!

MANAC: the god of all subjects, it stands for managerial accountancy, but I think it’s a pretty maniacal subject!! I am a commerce student; I have studied accounts till class 12, and thought that MANAC won’t be so hard, but I sure was in for a surprise! I don’t know nuts about what these people are doing in the cases that we get! And the namak on the ghaav is that the engineers here have mastered it faster and better than I ever could! Who says commerce people have an advantage??

Or Eco students: we have a subject called economic analysis. Being a business economics student I was very happy. But the professors here have a way of making your whole life’s studies redundant in an instant: in no time we were showered with concepts I had never even heard of, and deep analyses of cases, which went way OTT! But I guess such are the ways of this institute!

OM: now don’t even start talking about it. Operations management is a very interesting but a highly technical and complicated subject. Now I know many would like to differ with me on this, but frankly it is a little out-of-ordinary for non-engineers… at least for me it is. But I enjoy it a lot, even if I don’t understand it much! ;)

HRM or human resource management is also a subject we had touched upon in school and college, but it been made very interesting by our instructor. He is a little intimidating and condescending, but the way he pulls out HR issues from deep down in the case, is awesome!

QM: now that’s a difficult one: with all the simplex and graphs and excel solvers and equations and network problems etc., I feel pretty lost! But fear not, I have my neighbour, PaRo, who is Eveready to help me out of the Quantitative Methods mess!! Cheers to PaRo!!

Then there is IC (intro to comps): my nemesis. Humse ka bhool Hui Jo ye saza humka mili… now I’m getting outta control… but what to do?? All this excel spreadsheets, complex formulae (IF nestled in AND nestled in MATCH nestled in INDEX… it goes on n on n on...) this subject has the honour of presenting me with y first “?” grade in the term!!

Last but not the least is WAC, or written analysis and communication. It’s basically to help develop and improve business communication skills. It’s a pretty decent course, and we have a real fun instructor: we discuss options available in a particular case, and then write a report on it. The best part is the discussion, where our prof comes up with funny and creative comments on our suggestions etc.!! This really helps ease all the tension which is associated with the WAC report, when everyone is running around to complete it before the stipulated time. The second best part of the course is, the WAC run, wherein all the late bloomers are running to submit the hard copy of their repots, intercepted by our seniors who are trying to delay them ( a delay of even a minute leads to lower grade points!!) and dunk them with water on their way back! Fortunately in our first and only assignment till now, I finished the report and submitted it well in time, but not everyone was lucky. PaRo was wearing her running shoes at 4:20, while getting a printout of her report, and ran all the way to the class room, just in time for the submission!!! It was fun, watching them run and the seniors trouble as well as cheer them!! Thankfully everyone reached on time, even if they were 1 second away from penalty!!

So in a nutshell, these are the subjects I have, and the way I am faring in them... everyday we prepare in advance for our classes (or try to) and attend classes next day (this we HAVE to) and be attentive and not sleep (that also we try very hard to… but….) and what does the PGP office do to reward us? Give us a quiz (read surprise test) almost everyday now!! Now I’m not a religious girl but I sure do hope dear God becomes pleased with me for some reason and showers me with… the answers to all quiz questions!!!


P.S.: Mom Dad, if you are reading this, don't fret... IIMA is not chucking me out just yet!! ;)

Disclaimer: the ideas expressed are totally mine and events described are 100% authentic, though teh inetrpretation may change. Any resemblance to the life of, or reference to a person, living ( hopefully not dead) is not coincidental... i mean it!! Cuz thats how it is here at WIMWI!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Aditi,

Great blog. But, I wonder, how did u get the time to write this llooongggg post. Seems that IIMA is generous towards its Fachchas these days.

Nice blog. I re-lived those memories today. Thanks and please continue to write.



~Chiaroscuro~ said...

After reading this, I lost all my ambition compounded over the years.

Sugar&Spice said...

Most welcome Vikash... nad kshitij... lighten up, u have great things waiting for u! :)