Monday, August 22, 2005

Without you...(I)

Another day.
Another day has ended.
Without seeing your divine face,
Without my heart skipping a beat,
Without losing myself in a trance, listening to your sweet voice,
Without feeling the warmth of your breath on my neck,
Without the comfort of your touch.
Another day.

Another night.
Another night has come and gone.
Another night of solitude.
Of an empty bed, of going to sleep in my own arms.
Here I am, ending my day on a lonely note,
Wondering about my fortune, had you been here.
Yearning for you, wishing you were here,
Right here, right now.
Missing you desperately.
Pray tell me why do I love you so??


Ramasubramaniam Srinivasan said...

Hi Aditi,

Wonderful poem...After the LSD post exchanges, You give me an inferiority complex...How could somebody write poems like writing addresses on the top of a envelope...

For me to write something, it takes me a month or so..where as you seem to manage it all so effortlessly...

Did you hear that loud noise, of hearts breaking in the IIM A campus after reading this poem...(Though Technically speaking we did not meet yesterday...but Iam not such a great optimist!!)

Just a silly ole joke...


Sugar&Spice said...

hey ram
thnx so much for the compliment.
whenever i write prose/poetry (if u can call it that) it jus happens.
but im glad people like and appreciate it.