Saturday, August 27, 2005

Once upon an IC class...

It was a normal beginning to a normal day. The IC class started, and so did Shilpa: sleeping!! Not even one minute had passed by, of the very first class, but Shilpa was already off to her dreamland. She beat Chhedi to it, who joined her in a matter of minutes. Kaka in any case has sworn never to stay awake in any IC class! No wonder Kaki and Kaka are made for each other. With her hand supporting her chin, she kept dozing off, but not as explicitly as Kaka.

Sam looked very dazed, with uncombed hair, eyebrows raised, eyes wide open, trying to stay up, but unable to keep them open for more than 5 seconds at a time! Kudos to Rohit. He started sleeping after a full 30 minutes!! Rahul was a sight to see. His head supported by his hand, propped up on his elbow, he kept nodding in agreement to everything the Prof was saying, but with his eyes closed.

Even Noni, our IC stud, was finding it difficult to keep her eyes open. Atul joined the group soon with Hermy and Fifo. Arijit, bored of the class cuz he always knows everything, in fact much more than what is being discussed, decided to use his precious time more effectively by catching up on his beauty sleep.

Another sight was Kushagra: sitting at one end of the row, with his glasses in place, he was staring at the screen, albeit with his eyes closed!! Diptesh actually put his head down and slept off. Bas! As if the whole class was waiting for this! As soon as the lights were switched off, many people stopped pretending and put their head down to sleep peacefully and comfortably, including Kainchee, Lifty, and Ludo. Pondy Singh is good with camouflages. One look and you think his head is bent down, reading the text profusely. Look carefully: he is actually enjoying his trip to fantasyland! One of the most serious sleepers of the class is Mishti, who sleeps as if she is meditating or in some trance, in spite of the comical antics of the Prof!

The best part of it all was when I was writing all of this and the Prof Cold called me to explain the solution to a little problem he had written, but I had no clue about! I was too busy writing, and pretending to understand everything. Thank god that IC is based on logic, and I was able to give some arbit answer, that too all thanks to Fugga, who murmured some weird things behind the Prof’s back!

Long live (doze?) the D Company sleepers! D Company rocks!


Anonymous said...

Haha... The IC profs rock. Seems that they haven't changed in the last two years


Anonymous said...

hey that was lovely description of the class.......
now i know what u been doing in IC classes....and i wonder how u still are able to handle all the cold-calling

i got inspired from u today and wasnt listening to the prof; was playing bulls and cows in the class :D

P.S. am no stud...dont spread wrong msgs

Anonymous said...

How come u missed me sleeping in the class?

krishna chaitanya said...

if u wanna sleep in classes....u should n must wear glasses.

Sugar&Spice said...