Monday, March 27, 2006

These are a few of my favourite things!

these are a few of my favourite things... some sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings... some of them i have experienced, some of them i havent, but would love to. thay are not in any order... i kept writing as and when a thot came to my mind... what are some of your favourite things? do lemme know!

  1. winter morning sun
  2. sunrise/sunset colours
  3. rippling waters of the ocean/calm lake
  4. waves splashing on your feet
  5. birds flying in a formation over the horizon
  6. dewdrops on plants in the morning
  7. walking on the wet grass barefeet early morning/late night
  8. beautiful colours of flowers / butterflies
  9. voice of cuckoos, dancing peacocks
  10. birds feeding their lil ones
  11. kittens/puppies playing with each other... in fact all baby animals
  12. smile of a baby... or a sleeping baby
  13. cute lil toddlers wearing cute shoes n dresses, running around, shrieking with laughter!
  14. toothless smile of the old
  15. the glow on the face of a couple in love, a pregnant woman or a new mother!
  16. sunlight streaming in teh room late afternoon/ moonlight late night..
  17. the smell of your favourite dish, just when you are damn hungry!
  18. finding money unexpectedly in your old jeans pocket
  19. running into your old long lost friend and realising that you can still pick up from where you started
  20. a sweet smile or compliment from a stranger
  21. your guy unconsciouslyholding your hand while you both are crossing a road
  22. no queues!!
  23. no quizzes at IIMA!!!
  24. Saral Da's OM classes
  25. a song dedicated to you on tv/radio
  26. soeone calling/messaging/mailing just to say they miss ya
  27. someone admitting they have a crush on you
  28. Sanjeev Kumar... oooh!! [too bad he is dead :( ]
  29. mountains covered with flowers!
  30. scooping up snow in your hand
  31. bathing in the rain, then having hot tea and samosas!
  32. the feel of a baby's skin
  33. losing weight, however little! ;)
  34. earning your first salary, and getting gifts for your loved ones
  35. being proposed in public, unexpectedly, with the guy down on his knees, a ring in hand...
  36. walkin on the beach at night, barefoot, in teh moonlight
  37. sound of the bell announcing the end of day at school/college
  38. tasty sams, aloo parathas, mangoes, lichis...
  39. kadhi chawal, rajma chawal, chhole bhature... and the likes!
  40. my doggie when she licks me on my nose!
  41. floating in a pool, on your back, under the sun, with a drink and a book in your hand..
  42. squirrel nibbling on nuts
  43. a cheetah charging towards his prey... running smoothly and gracefully
  44. winning a contest, game, lottery..
  45. your best friend's / your own wedding
  46. your best friend/you yourself in love! :)
  47. sitting on the couch, with your legs propped up on the table, with a pack of popcorns and a glass of chilled pepsi, watching your fav movie!
  48. riding a bike, gliding, with teh wind in your face..
  49. your best friend's shoulder when u need to cry
  50. BLOGGING!! :))


~RAUL~ said...

good list girl !!!
that kadhi chawal/rajma chawal thing is just too too good :)

What abt posting 10 most wild/scary moments of your life ?

Just me said...

20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 34, 35, 46..nice points...U missed: ur preparation to wear a sari, Lounging on huge and soft cushions and simply lying down face down, watching "Maine Pyar Kiya" one more time, someone holding u by the waist when u are talking to frens at a gathering, someone massaging ur head gently when it's paining, someone fighting with you and coming back with a boquet to calm you down, someone staying back in office cuz u missed ur cab, a total stranger coming up to u and saying, "hey i've seen your photographs at this guys table"..the list goes on..

Well written though..:)

~Chiaroscuro~ said...

Food, at a wedding.

Food, anytime.

A long distance call.

"1 message recieved".


A beer treat.

Albus D'dore.

A cigarette after an 8 hour discussion about your future with Dad, who BTW had 4 ciggis.

...& that blog sure made me smile. :)

Sugar&Spice said...

thnx suttu... n raul... i am not a v wild person, thinkin of even 10 things may be difficult! :P

Star of the Masquerade said...

rajma chawal rocks

GuNs said...

Except Kadhi, the dog, the female things and the romantic experiences, I've known, felt or liked almost all the experiences that you mention.

Awesome list you've dug up.


Sugar&Spice said...

thnx guns

Anonymous said...

i think u missed the smell of mud when it rains :)