Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Cute looking boy, hair falling on his face, drop dead gorgeous smile, always surrounded by lotsa frenz... yes, such was the guy I had my first crush on... way back in school....

Its an amazing feeling to have a crush on someone! You wanna start you day looking at him, your heart is thrilled when he looks at you, and more so when he smiles! You are totally floored if he comes to talk to you, or gives importance to you by spending lunch time with you instead of his frenz.

You eye him surreptitiously, wondering if he is looking at you. When he answers in class, you look up at him dreamily and proudly. your copies are full of hearts with your and his initials, and so is your desk: full of scratches and scribbles!

When you hear from someone he was talking about you, your happiness knows no bounds. An electric shock runs down your body when he accidentally brushes against you, shakes your hand, or holds it during some sport/event etc. (or winks with a naughty grin).

You are willing to go an extra 100 miles to hang out with, talk to or help him. You consciously keep checkin your appearance in the mirror, hoping your clothes and hair look fine, and you look cute enough!

Listening to his voice is heavenly. You run to receive every call that comes, and wait by the phone impatiently for hours if you are expecting his call. When you hear about rumours of you having a crush on him, you feign surprise or anger, but are secretly thrilled, especially if he doesnt mind! You leave anonymous notes and cards for him, and think all sweet anonymous cards/notes for you are from him. (Who else could it be? ;))

In true bollywood style, you have already started to think you are in love and will marry him. You imagine being Mrs XYZ, name your kids, dream up your future!

Until one fine day you see him walking hand in hand with another girl. At first you dismiss her as another friend. But then you see them kissing at the end of class. That is when your heart breaks with a clatter, and you wake up to reality and get back to your mundane life. Swearing you will never indulge in all this crap again...

But soon enough, this really sweet and cute guy comes along... he is a new guy in school, all lost. And who should he come to for help? You of course! His killer smile and the twinkle in his eyes take your breath away.. and your heart skips a beat... There you go again!!!


~RAUL~ said...

hmmm...typical you I must say ?

good write up btw !!!

~Chiaroscuro~ said...

Wait a sec... did you see them kissing at the end of class back in Class 4 or 5?
Those probably would be the youngest pervs I have heard about!

OK, I get it... part of the narration.

Hmm... very true, every word of it.

Sugar&Spice said...

:P ofcourse not!! last part is imaginary... rest all is true! :))

Just me said...

Well written D2..

Amod said...

I always knew that girls feel that way, it's just that only few speak their heart out. :)

silverine said...

Teent bopper crushes are the sweetest.Cute post:)

GuNs said...

Sounds like that song from Munnabhai MBBS that Sanju sings in the hospital to that love-lost guy !!

LOL, came up to your blog from ..ummm..if I remember right, Rahul's blog.

Have a hunch yours will be interesting reading and so I'll just put your blog in my regular read list. I'm pretty much new to blogging myself but I do write in often. 'd love it if you could read up on my blog and comment on stuff you like/dislike.


Aditi said...

hey... at the end of it all... most crushes are crushed by themselves... but when u look back and think abt whatever u wrote... irs such a cute nostalgic feeling from within! Well written aditi! :)

Sugar&Spice said...

thanks people... keep visiting!

Akash Govindarajan said...

liked this article! :)