Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Quick Headsup on Whatsup with me...

Hey there everyone!
I know I havent written in a while, even though i promised... but I'm getting there. There will be lots coming up, now that we have an extended weekend!
As for whatsup with me, I am thru with exams (finally), have become a tuchchi (hopefully) and have started my internship at GENPACT, Delhi.
The office is 15 mins away from home, people are nice, my boss likes me, the work is chilled out... and I am enjoying!! The only problem is that I have an afternoon shift: 4 pm to post midnight! But even that is not a problem: after spending one year at IIMA, I am freshest and most productive at night only!
Baaki sab great, some more posts coming up... keep visiting!
Tkae care have a nice summers! CIAO!


Anonymous said...

all the best for ur summers 'tuchchi'

Sugar&Spice said...

thnx... n you are a senior i dont know i guesg...???

Vikash Madhogaria said...

yup.... a three... errr... now a four!!

Cheers, enjoy,
3Vikash (on dbab)