Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hyper over Hyper Marts!!

I still remember the first time I entered HyperCity in Mumbai. It was my first day in the city and Rohit was showing me places where I could shop in Malad. It was the largest and the most comprehensive shopping mart I had ever seen. As you can probably understand from the pictures above, this place is HUGE and it stocks things from every nook and cranny of the world!

There is everything available that you might need, there is unmatched variety and quantity. Prices, though premium, are worth it. Everything is so well organised and packed... It feels like I am not in India but in some fancy hypermart abroad!

But while it is the largest hypermart in the country with goods and services satisfying almost all our requirements under one roof, it still misses the utility and charm of the nukkad grocery store.

Hypercity services the elite, and sometimes forgets to stock simpler goods and grands, like good ol' Charmis cream. It stocks state of the art age miracle and skin lightening creams, each costing minimum 300 for a little bottle, and of no use for someone like me.
It also does not give me the freedom to take a few leaves of dhaniya or kadi patta.. I have to buy the whole bunch or nothing.
The prices are HIGH... and there is no scope for haggling too!!
And it always takes me a lot of time to get the billing done. Not like your neighborhood store where you get instant and personalised attention and service..

So, great job done, with the immense space and variety and quantity, but let me tell you, this huge giant misses the little things that we love about our little stores and vegetable carts... Dont get me wrong, I think Hypercity is a great idea and a big help, but sometimes, even with its size, it fails to match up to our kirana stores... sounds unbelievable, but true. Isnt it?


Yashika Totlani said...

Hey I want hypermarts this huge in Delhi too!! Mum-bhaikars have all the fun... beaches, n now hyper city :(( Double whammy!

Hmm... I saw a few on my trip to the US. And you couldnt be more correct... us, the third world junta, will eternally n forever miss the simple pleasures that the round-the-corner-kirana-store could afford. The kinda pleasures that will eventually slip away from us with the advent of these westernized super-concepts here in India. But hey, look at how much time these hypermarts save you... and im suddenly not complaining any more :))

Sugar&Spice said...

@ Yashika.. dont worry... now that mumbai has such hypermarts, can delhi be far behind?? Also its not just time, but we also save a lot of money, thanks to teh super delas these people get for the bulk stock they purchase... so... u win some u lose some..