Saturday, August 16, 2008

Corridor of Life

This is an idea I have had in my mind for months. In fact it was born in one of the boring classes of 6th term at IIMA, where I was trying to keep myself busy to stay awake, and ended up with a rough sketch of my concept of "Life is like a Corridor!" Read on!

Life is like a long corridor full of doors. What lies behind the doors is... life as we know it.

There are doors of relationships, that you enter when you enter relationships. Some doors you open automatically, for relationships you enter automatically, like when you are born, you are a son or daughter. Some doors open up only at certain times, like doors for mothers or fathers. Some doors may not open for someone at all, like door of husband or wife, or sibling.

There are doors of age, of your being. Like when you are born, you enter the door of childhood. But soon you exit it and enter the door to youth. And then middle age, and if you are lucky, old age! These doors are enterd chronologically, and once exited, cannot be visited again. However, doors like those of marriage, parenthood etc can be visited again and again!

There are doors of events, namely birth, marriage and death. Some doors one has to enter, like birth or death; while other doors are optional, like the door of marriage or love or even parenthood.

There are doors of experience, like the door you enter when you first experience making love. Doors which lead you to violence. Doors which lead you to ecstacy. Doors for both good and bad, good and evil, happiness and sadness. These are doors which all of us enter at some point in life, some of us enter more then others. Some get out, some stay behind. Sometimes we enter of our own free will, sometimes someone leads us to it. We can enter multiple doors at the same time, like being in different places at the same time. That is, having many emtions, experiences, and situations at the same time.

The corridor starts with the door of birth, which you may only exit, to move on in life, but you cant enter again in that lifetime. The corridor finishes with the last door of death. Wherever we are, when time comes we need to enter this door, and we cannot exit it. There may be times in life when we are unable to exit the door of birth, and exit staright to death, like an abortion or miscarriage or still - born situation. And sometimes we visit teh door of death, but not quite enter it, when we have near death experiences.

Having said about all the doors, I believe onec the death door is entered, there is no going back. However, some people have the faith that the death door connects to the birth door, it takes time to reach there, but you do. And for some, there is a door beyond death - Nirvana.

I dont know how well I have been able to elucidate my idea, if I have made any sense to you. As far as I am concerned, I have been through many doors, and waiting for many of them to enter. Of course there are doors I would like to enter, but will have to. And I will, when time comes.


AshenGlow said...

Wow.. Gulp! Enter the bhoolbhulayia. Adi, this stuff's sure heavy.. And i wonder what the 6th term class would have been about to give birth to such a cool idea... sach bol adi.. tu class me hi thi na.. Heh..
Par agar ek door CAT ka bhi hota na, toh friggin JAM laga hota wahan.. with half the hemisphere taking the test.Heh.
Good read dudette! So... we all know that human wants are unlimited and recurring. Toh dekh kya rahi ho.. Am waiting for more! Jaldi likho!


Yashika Totlani said...

im tempted to ask... which all doors would you not like to enter, but will have to :p ?? also... what makes u call marriage a re-visitable door (hopefully i construed the statament the way you'd intended ur readers to). hm so anyway, i like the analogy. life as a corridor full of doors. makes sense. would like to add... its also about our choices of doors. one door can lead to another sub-corridor full of newer doors (which is usually the case).

felt while reading that u wanted to build on the idea... maybe u shud :)

nice chain of thoughts. though extensive usage of the word 'door' (:P), repetitive (but only at times) and very very philosophical (when u talk abt the nirvana bit). what prompted this? something in particular... or has this been welling in your head for some time now?

Sugar&Spice said...

@ lekha... haan yaar main class mein hi thi :)) u can imagine kya horribly boring class thi woh! thanks for the comment, will post more sooner than u know :)

Sugar&Spice said...

@ yashi... well... first and foremost id never wanna enter teh door of death, or the door of sorrow of losing your loved ones to death..
as for marriage being a revisitable door... i am just being more practical than romantic here. i mean we all know that not all matched are made in heaven and people do go for 2nd marriages...ditto for love. i dont believe in the kuch kuch hota hai shahrukh crap "zindagi mein pyar bhi ek baar hota hai aur shadi bhi ek baar hoti hai"... everyone knows thats not teh way it works in teh real world.
i like your addition of teh thought of a door leading to newer sub doors... :))yeah i guess what i have written is very short and superficial.. sort of like a summmary than delving deep into the whole thing... but that was what i had thought that day, thats all that i had scribbled, thats all that i remembered... maybe later, some other time, I will go deeper into it.. cuz even i have to figure it out ... how it will be... deep down.
as for the use of teh word doors, well, it was inevitable :)
nirvana... u see i am not a religious person, i dont believe in previous life, liife after death, or nirvana etc. but some people do, so i just included their point of view the best way i could.