Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The pleasures of bargaining!

Last weekend I went grocery shopping to Spencer's. After buying a week's worth of rations and veggies, I realised we were still short of potatoes and tomatoes, staple food items at our place. So on my way back, I stopped at the local sabziwalla to check out his produce.

Now there are 2 reasons why I do not buy from the local sabziwalla usually.

1. I feel supermarkets buy good and hygenic foodstuff, while the local guy's veggies are dirty and rotten many times.
2. Supermarkets are able to give a larger variety at a better price usually, thanks to bulk purchase.

But at times when the supermarts are out of something, I have no way out, but to go to the local guy. Now at the supermarket, one cannot bargain. I dont usually bargain with the sabziwalla either, cuz I think "What does a few rupees here or there matter to me?" But this time, after being looted last time by paying 5 bucks for a measly little bunch of coriander, I was ready for some mandavli. I took out all the change I had in my wallet (Rs. 14.50), and marched down to the sabziwalla. I chose 1/2 kg each of tomatoes and potatoes, and after paying 12 bucks for them, I was eyeing some lemons. He was selling them at Re 1 apiece. Not only did I make him give me 3 lemons, I also took a handful of good green chillies for free!

And then I walked home, with my head held high, for I managed to weasel out 50p and 5 free chillies from the sabzi guy. Serves him right for giving me the rotten coriander for 5 bucks!! :)


mamtavarma said...

bargaining is an art which i cant do
bargaining with sabziwala leaves me
with having to listen tolatest comm
ent on inflation .how fuel price is
forcing him to fleece customers.
frankly i am least interesgted in
having discusion price rise with a
sabziwala .so i buy my stuff and
return home with the feeling that
let him earn extra buck .

Nicesweetguy said...


I found you blogs have a great sense of humor.....and would keep dropping by for new posts...!!!

and way to go....see thats why we would never understand how to bargain..unless we get married


Sugar&Spice said...

@ mom... i knwo what u mean.. thats what i do mostly... but this time i had to make a point :)

@nicesweetguy... thanks a lot for the appreciation.. and jus fyi... im not married! :)

AshenGlow said...

Hahahahah... This reminds me of the MTV Brought to you Bai line...
Could almost hear the sabzi walah exclaim in a marathi accented hindi, "Itna paisa mein itnaich milenga!"

And you are getting really good at this gal!
Is inflation ke zamane me tumne pachaas pese me teen neembu aur panch hari mirch le liye! Heh!

Sugar&Spice said...

@ashen... nahi yaar... 3.5 rupees mein 4 nimboo aur mirchi... which wd have cost me Rs 4 otherwise.. net saving was 50p :)

AshenGlow said...

Oh really.. Duh.. i feel like Moose... Shucks.

the lazy knight said...

Hey Aditi...stealing off from those poor sabziwallahs are ye? :P watever happened to the spirit of 'rob the rich and pay the poor'...reminds me of subziwala who used to bring his cart in our colony sometime back...during my college exam days i was his contact for purchasing...and after being admonished for selling rotten tomatoes, he one afternoon rang my bell as i was at my desk...
'sahib ji...aaj acchhe tamatar laya hoon aapke liye'...

Sugar&Spice said...

@aftab... LOL!! dude... the thing is.... with miniscule salaries that we get and the skyrocketing prices the sabziwallas sell their precious wares for, im not sure who is rich, who is poor.. who is stealing from who :P

Yashika Totlani said...

a post about a veggie buying experience?!? really??
aditi sounds so married :D :P

p.s. at the risk of contradicting you, the local subziwalla always gives me more fresh palak than a rotten reliance fresh.
[just for the record (n to save my ass)...im no communist, still! nor a farmer! lets get that clear outright :)]

Sugar&Spice said...

et tu yashika! :PP

yeah i guess both media of veggies have their pros and cons from time to time...