Saturday, September 13, 2008

Finally, It was Delhi's turn...

I was happily watching "Journey to the centre of the Earth" with 3 D goggles on my face, in a suburban theatre with Rohit, when I got the sms from my brother.. "Serial bomb blasts in Delhi. Fuck."

Short and simple, yet conveying the terror and grief that engulfed me in that moment. My mother was calling me a few minutes before I saw the sms, and I thought I'll call her later. How I regretted my decision at that time. As if God answered my prayers, right that moment the movie had its interval and I rushed out to speak to my family. Network was jammed so I could not talk immediately, but ultimately I did, and I am relieved to know all in my family are OK. I quickly smsed all my friends. Some had not even heard of the blast yet! Thankfully all those I know, they and their families are OK.

But that still doesn't mean all is OK. It pains me to think about those families who did not escape unhurt. Who suffered injuries or death. Who died for nothing. Innocent people and children, paying with their lives, for someone else's whims or frustrations.

Who is to blame? I tried to blame the Delhi Police. After all, did they not know that Delhi was the most obvious target after so many cities? Did they learn nothing from all the previous blasts? Delhi blasts happened in the most populous markets ... GK, CP...How could the perpetrators get away, yet again?

But then I realised, there is no point in blaming anyone. I guess it is unfair to expect anyone to control such a huge population with the available resources.

But that doesn't change the fact that many people have suffered today, like so many in the past, and I dread to think about, like many in the future. I am not a pessimist, but there really seems like there is no end to this madness. Madness it really is... what are these people trying to achieve, or trying to prove, by killing thousands of innocent people, I fail to understand.

I am not biased against any particular culture or religion, but fact is that most terrorist activities stem from fanatic religious beliefs. And such incidents make me hate the whole concept of religion. If this is what following a religion means... to kill innocent people, then thank you so much I am not interested, I am happy being the atheist I am. I shudder to think which city will be targetted next...

Anyway, my prayers are there with those who have suffered today, my heart aches for them all. I really hope this madness comes to an end, that someone puts some sense into these people's minds. But I guess expecting something like this is expecting utopia. Nevertheless I sincerely hope such crimes against humanity come to an end, and we can find other ways to sort out our differences.

They say Mumbai's next. I dunno how to react. People tell me to be careful. But how to be careful? I work in Sales, I need to travel by train, to save time and money. Most of my stores are in malls. Trains and malls are favourite targets for terrorists. But what to do? I cannot sit at home to protect myself, all my life! I don't wanna die prematurely, but I cant stop working either. People say that after the blasts, Mumbaikars get back to their lives immediately. Some say that's the spirit of the city, while some call it apathy. I think its just a lack of alternative. Bomb blasts or not, life goes on, and we have to move on. And we do. There is no choice here.
So even though I admit I am scared for my life living in Mumbai, I will continue to live my life to the fullest... I guess there is no better way to face death, than with a full life!


Yashika Totlani said...

usually in cp on weekends in the evening, im glad i decided to stick to my house on this particular saturday.

so i slept through the blasts until i was woken up at 6.45 by worried phone calls from friends n family. i was shocked, to say the least. as if the jaipur trauma want enough, the blasts had come to haunt me again. i ran out of bed n switched on the television. cp, karol bagh, gk. all places that i frequent on regular basis. they'll never be the same anymore.

whatever be the motive or justification behind these heinous crimes, blasts to me have never made sense. narendar modi was quick to point his finger in the government's direction calling it a failure on their part to protect its citizens even after prior warnings. yes, bombay is next on the hitlist and just the thought of it gives me the shudders.

you on your part aditi, will do us all a favour by staying indoors or atleast steering clear of busy markets in the coming weekends. its no rocket science to fathom the patterns that have emerged in these blasts. they are all on the weekends... the bombs are all planted with a motive of maximum destruction in busy market places.

so while messages n calls still pour in for all who care... im forced to wonder... where are we headed with current circumstamces? im afraid the future looks grim in this world where our lives hang by the thread...

Sugar&Spice said...

@yashika... i am glad too taht u were not in CP. many of my friends, and my parents, regular these places frequently. i shudder to think what wd have happened had they been there.
Thanks for teh concern, ill stay at home on weekends... will take care, and u do too.

AshenGlow said...

But where shall we run for shelter, dear, when the world comes to an end? ;)

I just hope we are togeher then, adi...friggin scared out of our wits alright.. but together.

Ashen ^_^

Sugar&Spice said...

@lekha... dont worry, we will be together... after all u have not let go of me for the past 15 yrs!! :))