Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oops! We are alive today!

I guess by now most of us have read about the experiment conducted at CERN on 10th September 2008: The Large Hadron Collider, underneath the Franco-Swiss border. For those who neither read papers or watch news too much (like me), you can find detailed information at

Now of what I heard, over 60 Indian scientists are there at CERN, an active part of the experiment. An equally large number of scientists have worked on the software and hardware required. It is indeed a moment of great pride whenever I hear of our fellow Indians doing so well in all fields of work, and making all of us proud.

And then there are those who don't make me feel proud. While a sizeable chunk of our brainiest people were helping setup the experiment, which I believe will help do a lot of good to mankind (read cancer cure, lowering pollution and global warming etc.), there are other fellow Indians who have seized the opportunity to give their vishesh tippani.... By claiming that this experiment will end the world and all of us will cease to live as on 11th Septmeber. It is 9/11 attack of its own kind.

As usual the news channels had a party with such a situation. Every Hindi News channel showcased the grief of people, emanating from the fear of being dead by the end of the day. They did not spare even little kids, who were clearly looking terrified at the thought of the world coming to a sudden end. I am pretty sure people have filled each other's minds with ideas like "It is your sins which have lead you to die a terrible death like this, the world coming to an end is all your fault..." And what is saddest is that the media is enjoying its moment of glory at the cost of other people's misery. We expect them to be educated and aware of the situation, to know the facts and tell people there is no danger arising from this experiment to mankind now or in the future. Thousands of scientists around the world have confirmed it is a harmless activity, in fact it will be one of the biggest achievements in the history of man, and solve eternal questions, for which man has spent centuries looking for an answer. Surely such a multitude of wise people would not take lightly the effects of such an experiments, especially if there were ill effects. Dont we trust these poeople to think for mankind, and not take rash decisions justto fulfil some whims? I guess many of us dont, and hence all the circus around this experiment, which has just begun.

I wonder what will happen when something concrete does arise out of this activity. But until then, all you astrologers and gurus, with your ominous predictions about the future of the world (which no one knows except you), just sit back and relax... The time has not come... yet!


Yashika Totlani said...

yup, all the hype n hoopla surrounding the experiment was ridiculous. the day before the experiment, i was sitting in the office cafeteria watching aaj tak showcasing their characteristic 'pralay theory'.

fortnately after the irresponsible journalism, atleast the newspapers did their bit by quelling all fears of a global clampdown on morining of the d-day. but nonetheless, n i dont know if u heard abt it, a girl committed suicide just fearing the end of the world.

everything else notwithstanding, the experiment was quite exciting n i thoroughly enjoyed all the space visuals that were being flashed across the wires.

just for the record, delhi was hit by a series of bomb blasts today. with terror elements like the indian mujahuddin around, who needs experiments like the LHC based 100 m under the franco-swiss border to end the world?

with a silent tribute to all those who lost their lives in today's blasts... amen. RIP.

Sugar&Spice said...

@yashika... eyah I heard about that gir... unfortunate isnt it? esp when we know we can avoid such mishaps? I do agree the newspapers did a good job, wish news channels cd do the same.

Cynical Consultant said...

I love theoretical physics !! :P
check this out...priceless