Sunday, March 01, 2009

Post Script to 3 Cheers..

I was just wondering over the last few days that although I am very happy we got oscars, I've suddenly had this feeling... that why are we so excited about some other country's award, MORE than our awards? Just because they are Westersn awards, are Oscars and BAFTAs more important than our National or Filmfare awards?? Why does everyone die to have an Oscar and not a Filmfare award? We are the biggest film industry in the world... shouldn't our awards also get some bhaav? I wonder.. if we start having similar categories like Oscars... best foreign film etc, would other countries enter their movies into it? Is it possible that the Indian awards can one day be as prestigious and watched and discussed and coveted?? I guess as long as we ourselves don't give our country bhaav and stop hankering over everything to do with the west, until we are sincerely proud of our industry, and really strive to notch up the standards, we can get anywhere NEAR the Oscars.. But I really do hope we do one day!! And Brad Pitt is overwhelmed to get a Fimfare award! :)


Yashika Totlani said...

im gonna say ur being slightly ambitious. how many countries would wanna be us? how many people worldwide watch hindi movies anyway? and are oscars the only avenue where the world looks up to america?!?

ps. brad pitt is just polite!

Sugar&Spice said...

@yashika.. i guess i am being overambitious.. but i really hope with all our talent, we do develop an international appeal. i know it sounds like an impossible dream, but sapne dekhne par tax nahi lagta hai.. so dream on! :)

AshenGlow said...

Hmmm. I kind of recall what i read about what Rehman said when he received the filfare award for Slumdog. He was really happy (with that obvious self composure and facial expression he amazingly maintains on all occasions). He said he believed that Filmfare awards are still one of the most sought after awards in Asia. Perhaps he never forgot that it were these awards that gave him the recognition in bollywood in the first place. I guess he is also a v. genuine person at heart.

I think the oscar hoopla is more to do with the fact that Indian art got a recognition/ award beyond the national boundaries. And an award that is recognized and related to by the whole world, is nothing but an prized possession. aint it? Its just like the World Cup or the Ashes Trophy vis-a-vis the Ranji Trophy or a Dileep Trophy. Both are prestigious but the platforms are entirely different. Nai?

We are talking about those films that get the credit for being excellent enough to be comparable with brilliant films made across the globe. How many Indian films qualify or are given such credit in the first place? Is that because of unfair represenation or mere underestimation i do not know. Nevertheless, truth remains that very few indian films make it there.

But goes it unmentioned... even i hope Indian film/art/entt awards get an international recognition. Being the largest film/entt industry as you correctly mentioned, we have all the potential in teh world to do that. All we need is the strive to reach there!

Kuch zyada hi bakbak ho gayi.. hmm? ;)

Sugar&Spice said...

@ lekha.. yeah i guess i agree with the platform part.. and i think a lot of our dreams depend on our hard work.. to get there we have to strive hard and produce such material, that no one in the world can ignore it! and hey, no bakbak is ever too much from you dahlin!