Friday, March 20, 2009

Auto Ho To Aisa!!

Recently I boarded an auto in Bandra, and I could not help but notice how different it was from the usual auto rickshaws. Various objects and statements, innovative and funny, were strewn all over the place. I could not resist writing about it here. Have attached a picture to help visualise... Here goes an attempt to describe the most ajeeb-o-garib auto ever!

  • The HUGE rearview mirror on the right side had on it written “King of Bandra” “Mumbai’s Cool rickshaw” and “Hum sab ek hain” along with all religions’ symbols

  • On left corner, it was written “Toilet not available, sorry”

  • Below that was added “ Do not spit”

  • Along with a Ganesha and Sai baba picture, there was a small agarbatti holder, along with pictures of the four 26/11 martyrs

  • On the left side there was a small TV that actually worked!!

  • Above it was a small fan, which also worked

  • The guy seemed to be a cleanliness freak: there were different types of dusters kept in front: feather, cloth etc.

  • There was a calendar on top right side

  • Latest newspaper was kept on the right side of dashboard (or whatever you call it in an auto)

  • On the right side, a clock was also mounted

  • On the right lower side, a locked cabinet was installed, probably to keep important stuff

  • The meter was colorful, with various denomination coins stuck on it…and this was written “Bapu bola get well soon Mamu!” and “Have a nice trip”

  • Behind his seat there was a magazine holder with a film magazine for passengers

  • Above the magazine was a mirror, and the statement “Please take care of your belongings”

  • On the left corner there was a first aid box stuck on the rod, along with the message “25% discount to handicapped”

  • On the right hand corner there was an ashtray stuck on the rod, with the message “smoking allowed”

  • On the left side there was a fire extinguisher attached

  • Behind the passenger seat, the backside was decorated with planets and stars, along with the statement “Salaam Mumbai

  • On the left corner an small Donald duck like figure was stuck on, while on the right side a flower vase with plastic flowers was stuck on

  • In the middle, a small plastic glass full of sweets was kept

When my journey came to an end, I asked him if it was ok to take a picture. He said “Zaroor madam, sab lete hain!” And then he gave me a candy from the box behind!!
It definitely was the most unique and wonderfully decorated auto I had ever seen, and I bet you too would have never seen anything more interesting that this!!


AshenGlow said...


I wonder why he he hasnt thought of a dial an auto concept yet.. maybe because of the Mumbai traffic and how 'un-anticipatable' it can be... ;)

Really really interesting.. Im sure the NDTV people if given a chance would make this story a turning point for all autos in Mumbai!

P.S.: I'll be on the lookout for this auto every time i come to Bandra now... Heh!

Sugar&Spice said...

@LEKHA...Dial an auto... haha... that wd be grt!! yeah i hope some journo ends up on my blog n makes it news :)
sure be on the lookout and tell me too... cuz since that day even ive never seen it!!

Yashika Totlani said...

im SOOO glad u took a picture! otherwise it wudve been impossible to believe (or imagine!) an auto like this! you shouldve taken down (and mentioned) the name plate too re... paperwallahs can do a small documentary on this!

about the post... great fun to read and know!! about your memory... if u hadnt taken down notes right there... it rocks to have meticulously remembered all of this! the auto guy seems cool... sounds like a case of 'stuck in the wrong job'! i wonder how his home looks like...

Sugar&Spice said...

@yashika... i agree, no picture wd have dampened the reader's imagination! And now that you mention it, I guess i should have taken the number plate down... us waqt soojha hi bnahi... was on my way for a doc's appointment so i guess i was kinda preoccupied..
and I wrote down everything the moment i stepped in, i could not help it. it wd have been a pity to let this opportunity go... by forgetting the tiniest details if i dint take notes!! thanks for the response, frankly i dint think this post wd garner such a response :) i thought it was a silly lil thing id generally share! :)

Yashika Totlani said...

'silly'? are you kidding?!? this is newspaper stuff!

Sugar&Spice said...

@yashika...i guess :)

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the lazy knight said...

Nice observing post :) This auto can definitely make it to the Amazing India series. Of course, such color and innovation is auto-matic in India :)

Sugar&Spice said...

Thanks future mantra.

@aftab... yeah it sure forms a vibrant part of Incredible India!

DPhatsez said...

Breaking News! this should be put in the paper just like the autodriver who drove Brangelina around for 500 bucks!

:) extra paisa to nahin diya na 5-star auto trip ke liye?

p.s my first time : So hi!!

Sugar&Spice said...

Hi Arun... nice to have a new visitor!! I paid the fair fare only, and got a candy in return! :)
i really should give this piece of news to newspaper or a vela channel like india tv na? :)