Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ideal Mumbai... Ideal Delhi

Being born and brought up in Delhi and having stayed in Mumbai for the past 6 years, Im no stranger to the never ending Mumbai - Vs- Delhi debates. Initially I was a die hard Delhi fan, but with time Mumbai has grown on me. Given that my family and friends are all in Delhi, my heart is still there. Im very attached to it and I hope very soon I can come back here and settle down for good. However, its not to say I wont miss all things Mumbai! Its a cool city with its own spirit, and Im honoured to have been a part of it! Funny how when Im in Mumbai I miss Delhi. And now that Im in Delhi I miss Mumbai. wish I could have a little bit of Delhi in Mumbai, and Mumbai in Delhi...

With that in mind, I made a list of what  parts/aspects of Delhi I would want Mumbai to have, or what all about Mumbai would be great in Delhi.. If that could ever happen both would be ideal cities to live in!!

Introducing Delhi in Mumbai:

1. Good Dal Makhni, non-sweet paneer dishes, better Mughlai food and South Indian too!
2. Chaat Chaat Chaat. Delhi Kulfi, ice cream carts everywhere. And MOMOs!!
3. Better theatre scene: more festivals and staging of famous plays esp in Hindi.
4. Delhi roads, flyovers, open spaces, gardens
5. Better education options, courses, institutes
6. Shopping places like chandni chowk, Karol Bagh
7. Cultural places like IHC, Pragati Maidan, Siri fort complex etc
8. Quaint shopping+eating area like Hauz Khas Village, Dilli Haat
9. Bigger houses with balconies and gardens
10. Delhi winters :) (i know thats never gonna happen but its just a whim)

A little Mumbai in Delhi

1. Picturesque roads like Aarey, Sea link etc
2. Well planned modern areas like Navi Mumbai, Powai
3.Comedy store! Something like a National Park. Churches of Mumbai. Marine Drive.
4. Amazing firang restaurants, cafes and bakeries, like Theobroma's, Cafe Mangi.
5. More cultured people like in Mumbai (i know this is also a whim :( )

I guess given that I want more of Delhi in Mumbai than Mumbai in Delhi, Im still biased towards Delhi! :P
But all said and done, Ill always cherish whatever time Ive spent in Mumbai, which has been so much fun, and thought my dil is in dilli, mumbai will always be meri jaan!!


My Random Thoughts said...

Agree on all other points, but Mumbai has much better south indian food than delhi.

And the obvious point which Delhi lacks - safe roads at night - the life after 8 pm!

Aditi Varma said...

Hey... tell me one good south indian place which doesnt serve sweet sambar... except cafe madras!

yes safety was, is and will be the no one problem plaguing delhi :(