Monday, March 11, 2013

A Random thought on Relationships and Chemistry

A casual relationship is like a mixture: where two substances combine physically, retain their original properties and can be separated through physical methods, like sugar water. Similarly in a casual relationship, people come together, enjoy their time with each other, while having a life beyond their partner, and walk out whenever they want.

A marriage is however, more like a chemical compound: where two separate elements with certain properties combine chemically to form a new, third kind of substance with completely different properties, like salt. So no matter how unique, wonderful two people are, when they come together in a marriage, they form an identity together, different from their own.

So as long as you are going casual, you can be pretty sure of what to expect with your mixture and how to manage it, but when it comes to marriage, you just have to get in to find out what your compound is going to be like, and whether you can surpass your individual properties to be something even better! No wonder they say it’s a gamble!

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